Sunday, July 27, 2008

Night at the Rockies and a family bike ride.

Jackson and Josh were invited to walk the field before the Rockies baseball game. They had fun and really enjoyed the first hour of the game and then it was time to do other things. Jackson decided that knocking a loose tooth out on the field was the right thing to do. We had a great time eating Ice cream and dip-n-dots.(it even helped his gums feel better) It was almost 10pm by the time we got home and the boys were very tired. They were able to get baseballs at the game and now have them in their rooms with the game tickets. Take me out to the ball game!!!

Here are a few shots of the family bike ride this weekend. Anne is getting use to her new road bike, Josh is getting better at climbing and riding over 5 miles at a time. Lexi loves to sit in the Burley and just be able to talk non stop for as long as she wants. We are having a great time this summer and really enjoying the trails around our home. Jackson and Josh's Triathlon is in a few weeks so we are going out on training rides a few times a week. Anne has her 1st in August and is having fun with the new bike.

I love the summer time, the days were you wake up in a good mood and the kids are having a good morning. I love those days where you have fun doing thinks that cost little money and you spend time with one another. I love those days were your batteries seem to charge at a faster speed and you feel that you really can take on the world (or at least work on Monday). I love the days were you just feel good, I love those summer days and wish they would never end. I am so glad that the family is having a good time riding bikes. Anne and I were able to Ride at Chatfield again on Saturday night and then off to Susi Den. What a great date.
I love you Anne,


  1. Tyler Walton. You are an amazing man. I have a blog about a fat, lazy man living in one of the poorest, most out of shape cities in the USA - Cleveland OH.

    I would love to hear from you. According to your blog, it looks like you are doing awesome. You look great too.


  2. Fun times. What a great family activity, the kids will totally remember these times!!

  3. Fun times. What a great family activity, the kids will totally remember these times!!