Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Family day at the Miller Farm

A flyer came in the mail that caught Anne's eye and she held it aside to talk to me about. Miller farms in Longmont has ride, bike tractors, mazes, food, and wagon rides to the crops where you are allowed to pick your own. We both liked the idea and decided that we would go on the weekend.

When we arrived after a short 1 hour drive from Denver we were impressed with what we saw. We paid and the kids were off in all different directions. After playing for an hour or so we jumped on the trailer full of hay to sit on and took off with about 20 other people. The first stop was to Corn on the cob, broccoli, turnips, string beans and cabbage. We took about 30 minutes at the first stop and for the first time my kids picked real food. Not from the veggie section at King Soopers but from the earth where you are bound to get a little dirty. The next stop was for potato's, peppers, pumpkins, Basil, and tomatoes. The last stop was for carrots, onions, Indian corn and eggplant.

By the time we arrived back we were dirty, sun burned and full of good food to eat. The kids had a great time as did Anne and I. We ended the day by hitting Cracker Barrel for dinner for some breakfast for dinner. It took all day but was really fun and I was glad that we were able to go. I would recommend this to anyone.


Love you Anne,


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