Thursday, September 11, 2008

The summer ends with a splash

By the time 8pm rolled around I wondered why I was even going at all. We had made plans to head to Lake Powell as a family at 5pm and Anne was running late at work. By the time 8pm had arrived I was ready to stay home for the weekend. Then she walked through the door and the look on her face of “get me the heck out of here” told me to jump up and get rolling. We were loaded and in the car in 15 minutes (I had done most of the packing between 5-8pm) and were off. Lake Powell is a 7.5 hour drive from Denver and we were on the road excited for the trip and the much needed break. It took us a few minutes to relax and get into trip mode but we did and the real trip started around Vail pass. The kids were sleeping and I was able to spend a few hours talking to my best friend while I drive. I love to talk and drive for the fact that I am able to do something and still focus on the conversation, we can talk for hours on end and I love it.

After a good nights rest in Grand Junction we pulled into the Bullfrog valley just before noon on Thursday. We had the boat unpacked and were swimming within the hour. Jackson and Josh both were happy to go off the slide on the boat and Lexi was just as excited to jump in the water and be held by her dad. Time at the lake seems to slow way down and you really get 2 hours of fun for every real hour on the clock. The sun was hot and the day just seemed to slow down to the pace where your batteries get charged. Later in the day the heat started to cool off and we were excited for the arrival of Tyler and Liz. They left SLC around Noon and so we expected to see them around 6-7pm. I had a 6 mile run with a few speed miles in the mix and I headed out around 6pm. I wanted to run where I never had before so I stared to head for the road that leads out of Bullfrog. I saw 8 vehicles the entire run and every one of them gave me plenty of room. I really enjoyed the hour run and cool down and chasing the sunset home.

The next morning we took of on the boat for a long ride into some canyon away from people, we spent most of the day on the boat or in the water and by the time the night came we were tired. I realized that day how much I love this place. I have been going to Lake Powell with my family since I can remember and I am thrilled that I am able to take my family and have such a great place to stay. I am very thankful to my parents for allowing us to use the houseboat and ski boat, it makes it possible to afford such a fun trip.

Saturday was much of the same, we went on the boat and pulled the tube and banana. This year Josh and Jackson went on the kneeboard for the first time and Liz skied for the first time. Anne and I wake boarded and skied and by the time the day ended we were tired and sore. Sunday marked the day of departure and so after a morning on the beach we started to make our way home. The entire trip home all of us were wishing that we could have stayed a few more days.
Lake Powell is a magical spot, everyone who had been there knows what I mean. It seems to mend and fix what is broken, maybe it’s in the water or the sun. Or maybe it’s in the smile on the faces of my kids letting me know that life could not get any better. I am not really sure nor do I really care, I just love Lake Powell. To those that have been I would recommend getting back soon and for those who have been deprived find a way to make it to this magical spot, I promise you that you will not be disappointed.


  1. There IS something magical about Lake Powell. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and pictures!!

  2. OMG! The entire adventure sounds awesome! I love how photogenic your kids are too! Always laughing and smiling!