Monday, March 2, 2009

Weekend on the PCH

This last Monday night I found out that work was crashing down in LA and by Tuesday at noon I was on a plane. I spent the next 4 days working heavy hours to help maintain the level of service my client expected. I missed Anne B-day on Thursday and a very fun plan for a weekend in Downtown Denver. My brother who offered to watch the kids said that he did not care if we were in Denver or LA so Anne jumped on a plane on Friday Evening and headed to LA. I was able to get in a good hard 7 mile run Friday night after a very long week. This was the first real workout all week. Friday night I took Anne to a restaurant called "The Lobster" and we had the greatest meal. Anne tackled a 2lb lobster and I had Tuna. The food was awesome and the restaurant is located right on Santa Monica pier. We had a good time and after dinner crashed because we were both so tired.

Saturday morning we decided to take the convertible that I rented and head down the Pacific Coast Hwy. We spent all of Saturday soaking up the rays in the car, walking on the beach's and strolling on the piers that looked interesting. We were able to watch the surfers at Huntington beach and see Dolphins swim through them. We were able to get in some crazy people watching and both received some bad sunburns. We took a nap in the afternoon and went to a movie at night. The day was very relaxed, just what we both needed. Sunday we went down south to see Julie, Anne's cousin. I was able to pick my first orange off the tree and we headed to Crystal Cove for a beach front brunch. The place that she took us was called the Beach Comber and I had the best omelet that I have had in awhile. The wait was an hour and we just walked up and down the coast and talked. The sound of the ocean was just great.

The party did have to end and I took Anne to the airport after brunch and she headed back home. I decided after feeling sad for an hour to go and get in a long run. I planed a route and was off on a 12 mile run. I took the first half slow and felt really good and so I picked up the second half and had a good time.

I am really missing my kids and family and hope that the time will go by fast and I will be able to get home soon. I really miss the kids and hope that all is well. When Anne went home the kids did not want to leave John and Jen's home which is always a good sign.

Funny or not, I wore my PC visor on Saturday and realized that short hair and a visor without sunblock is a bad idea. I have a red ring on the top of my head and it hurts like crazy. I wish I had a picture because it looks really funny.

Tell next time,

I love you Anne and miss the kids,


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