Monday, March 16, 2009

Weekend in Denver

It seems like is has been awhile since I was able to get into a groove and have a normal Denver weekend and now that it happened I am reminded of how fun it really is to live and play here.

This weekend I was able to Run, Ski, Swim and Ride. On Sunday Anne was able to join a group for a ride on the "Shadow Mountain Loop" most of them for the first time. Jackson, Josh, Lexi and I decided to jump on the course and take some pictures of the 50 mile bike ride with 8000+ feet of climbing. I have put of some of my favorite shots and attached the link for all the shots of the day.

Nice job to the first timers and for those that I saw that were not able to speak or look at me or smile the whole ride.
OK so I just published my first slide show with photo bucket so take a look at the next post.


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  1. love your pics. Is that Anne in the pink? Ahh...what would it be like to be in the mountains again.