Thursday, March 5, 2009

Pretty Funny

So I sometimes think that I am pretty funny and today, this very moment is one of those times. No I am not doing stand up or anything that takes effort, it is this simple.

I am at the airport waiting for my flight to board after being in LA for 9 days straight on a 5 day trip. Yep 2 day old underwear turned inside out to make them fresh again!!!! I received a call today from Steve telling me that the ride that I invited myself on a few days ago with a PC kid was changed and some of my favorite peeps are going to ride. So I am pretty giddy from that fact and that I get to see my wife in 3 hours and my kids in the am.
Next I am sitting on the big Southwest chairs where you can charge and power up items. I have been texting like a mad man with PC friends about tomorrow. I have these huge head phones on (Think princess Leigha ((spelling)) from Star wars hair buns). I am taping my foot to the beat of the music. I decided that I wanted to have my ipod tomorrow and my GPS so I pulled both of them out and have one on each arm rest of this cool chair charging. I know that I needed to hydrate so I went and purchased a huge bottle of water. I am smiling at some of the really funny texts that I am sending out. Funny to me again and that is all that matters Wires everywhere and not a care in the world. I am on the end of the row and I keep smiling at people that pass me by. LAX has a lot of passers Byers.? They do not know what to do when this guy sitting down looks up and gives them a huge grin. Like this :)

I love Airports!!!

Ok now the lady next to me is looking at the screen of my laptop and reading as I am writing this blog which even makes it more funny to me.

Ok that is it.

Pretty funny.

See you in just under 3 hours now Anne,



  1. You crack my up. If I would have known that I was spending ALL my monthly texts on you this evening and you were text-cheeting on me with someone else, I would have quit. Your a stinker and we are going to kick your patootie tomorrow. I'll give you a 15 minute head start.

  2. Love it. That is so you. We miss you and Anne. Plans for Vegas are final...well almost. We'll give you details...