Saturday, March 28, 2009

Flights, 2nd attempts and Pinewood Derby update

This last week on Thursday the city of Denver was hit with a severe storm warning and by noon most of the city went home to get a head of the storm. My office called and wished me good luck getting home on my afternoon flight to Denver from Los Angles. By noon Southwest canceled my flight and so the travel agent called and moved me to United at 4pm. I finished my lunch with Miche and headed to the airport to find out I was too late and they gave my seat up. I called the travel agent and they then advised me to look at a hotel and wait out the storm until Friday afternoon. I was at the ticket counter of United and it took a few minutes to get my travel agent on the phone.

While I was waiting I noticed that most Denver bound gents were happy to stay in LA for another day. The weather was great, food nice and so I have to say I agree with them. The one thing that I have going for me is "team Walton" I was going to get home, yep I was heading right into the storm. Different than most I know but with what I have at home I had no other place I wanted to be. I was moved to Frontier and we finally landed at 10pm. The roads were not fun in the small Corolla but we got it done. Anne used the snow blower for the first time and made it possible to get up the driveway. I was able to kiss my kids good night and hang with Anne for a few bit before I fell into bed exhausted.

Friday Jackson, Josh and Lexi played out in the snow as I finished the snow blowing. Jackson made the greatest snowman and Josh helped shovel the neighbors driveway and was given a dollar for payment. He was so excited and I think he just enjoyed being outside and being helpful to me and the neighbors.

Today I had the second attempt at running from Deercreek and Wadsworth to the top of Highgrade. It is not that the run is long but you climb a huge amount. The last time I called it a day at 11 miles and felt bad about it. Today I was able to get a second attempt and decided to run at my own pace before the group. I felt great on the first 5 miles and kept things rolling all the way to the top. Sonja, Steve, Keith, Rob and Sara ran all or some of the distance. Stroller man and his side kick Annie were the drivers and helped a lot. I made it to the top and felt great.

This afternoon the boys put another layer of paint on the cars and they are looking awesome. I am very impressed with this experience. Jackson and Josh both have a car and spent time designing the look, choosing the colors and painting them. I am going to let them do most of the work and we will see what happens. I know that having me help is a burden, Jackson and Josh would likely win if Anne and Carolyn helped with the cars. We will see how things end up!!!

All things considered, I have a pretty good life.

Love you Anne,



  1. Tyler,

    It was great seeing you today. My email is


  2. We are so glad to have you home safe and sound! I'm glad you made it up the grade today, what a day!