Monday, June 2, 2008

2 Man Time Trial (ok really 1.75 Man)

This last weekend I was able to get my own ride with Steve. In speaking to him a few day's before he used terms like "Fun, good experience, Learn". Steve is my Coach and has a 20 year background in Cycling and has Iron legs that never stop or slow down. Trunk trees to be exact, big strong trunk trees. I arrived at his home a few minutes before 7am and we were rolling by 7am. He gave instructions to relax and get settled down because the ride would not really start for 15 miles and 1000+ feet of climbing. We took the next 30 minutes to visit and settle down and enjoy the nice weather that we were having. I felt good, had a good night sleep, ate a good breakfast and was really excited to be alone with Steve and have him work with me. As we started our climb he started to tell me what the days goal was. At the turn off to High Grade we would start a two man time trial where we both pulled for 2 minutes. The pace was going to be faster that I was use too and we would not stop until we had finished High Grade, City View and climbed the back side of Deer Creek. He said to put in my music and get ready because we were nearing the turn. I was slow to get my earbuds in and when I looked up he was already 20 feet ahead of me. I pushed forward and for the next 25 miles and 5000 feet did not let off of the gas. It was game on and I was going to hold on and do my part. The small grade to the switchbacks was not bad, I was able to keep the pace the same and as he pulled off the front I keep the same speed and took my turn. It was fun leading, I was cautions with pushing too hard because I new that we had a long ride ahead. The two minutes came quickly and I pulled off and just as soon as I did that Steve was pulling ahead to take his turn. We made it to the start of the switch backs in record time and I pealed off the front with a few hundred feet before the first turn. Steve started the the first right turn and put the pace at a manageable speed. I as focusing on keeping calm while I started to feel the pressure of a grade change. I made it through the first few turns and pealed off again and just as soon as Steve took over he dropped down a few gears and held the same pace at a spot that I normally take recovery on, OH WELL. The next few pulls started to help me realize that I was starting to empty a tank that was full at the start but seemed to be getting smaller at a faster speed. I focused on relaxing as best as I could while I was pushing my body further than I had on this ride. We were really flying and it was fun to be going that fast up the mountain. It would have been even more fun if I would have looked up and not on the back tire of Steve's bike for the whole time that he pulled. I ended up having to take off my sun glasses because of the amount of sweat that was falling off my body. I am not sure if he even broke a sweat but that is OK because I was dumping enough for both of us. The last turn was in sight and we were still rolling, I was glad as could be and was very proud of myself. Making it to the top of the switchbacks was a huge goal and 1 of 4 that I had to get through. The steady climb to the top was normally a good change of pace on rides in the past but today it was a spot that we pressed forward and did not let off the gas. I did well with my few turns but as we were approaching the last mile I had pushed to my limits and was not able to hold the same pace as Steve did when he pulled. He waited a few seconds and then pulled out from the back and took the lead and gave me the famous hand point to his rear tire. This meant in unspoken terms "get your butt on my tire NOW" I did the best I could and mustered enough strenght to catch back up and I think he slowed down alittle. He keep going and within a few minutes(what seemed like hours) we crested the top and was headed to the School house. We picked off a few riders as we were going and as we passed the school house saw a few more taking the normal break. Down the hill and over to city view I realized that my tank was empty and was going to have a hard time with the other two climbs. I was first to the hills leading to City View but had no fuel and slowly crept up the hill. Again Steve prompted me to get on and push forward with fuel that I did not know that I had. The climbs seemed to take longer than normal even thought the pace was faster. I guess that's what you get when you are pushing off the pain that had been building up for the last hour. Cresting the top of City View drive my heart jumped and we were off to Deer Creek. The down hill was awesome and I was game on. My legs did not hurt as much and I was able to stay right on Steve's tire. We were flying at 30+ miles an hour and I was within inches of his rear tire giving the day all that I had. We saw Michelle and Beth leading a group up the back side of CV and as I tried to give a big "BOOO YAAA" the only thing that could come out was a "BOoooo ya". On the climb up Deer Creek my legs told me I was done and Steve slowed down a few time to keep me in reach. I did crest the top of the hill and the last climb on his wheel. The day brought many surprises and in the end I have expanded my vision of abilities and have broken through another glass ceiling. Thanks for the ride and the instruction and giving a little of yourself Steve. Your impact on us all is huge and much appreciated. Today was not quite a two man time trial but I will go with a 1.75. Some day I will hold my fair share of pulling and do so at the pace we started. I leaned a lot today and am proud of myself.

Anne thanks for the time away from the family, and know that I love you all.


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  1. What a great experience! Although I believe it was closer to 1.9....Nice work!! So NOT looking forward to my time trial day, whenever that may be.