Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I am having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day!!!!


Today one of my clients called and asked if his Containers coming in from China were on schedule. I had to think for a moment of how I was going to explain my answer to him. In my mind I felt that we had everything under control so I took a deep breath and spoke clearly into the phone. "Chris your freight is OK, it has hit a little snag but don't worry the container lines know what they are doing"

He asked if they were having problems at the port because he heard that some products that were coming in from China where coming in Damaged and he wanted to make sure that his was safe. I told him that once freight makes it to the port that it is almost a Guarantee that nothing will harm the container. Why would you think that something could go wrong at the container yard?

Anyways I am told that they only allow the really good CDL drivers at the port. If you want to be concerned I said listen to this story. I told him about this other client that I have that makes special equipment kind of like play toys for the rich, this stuff is pretty fragile when put together. One day last week a forklift driver at our office missed his turn was surprised that nothing happened to this special equipment after a "LITTLE MISS HAP" Glad that this account only buys the best stuff. We were pretty concerned.

NO Chris, everything is good you can deffintly count on us. We are rock stars when it comes to shipping. Don't you loose any sleep over what we are doing for you.

Just another day in TYLERS MIND


Miss you Anne hurry home


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