Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Track with the Gang

Today was a huge day for me. Steve told me to run even and fast all the way through the workout. He said keep the pace pretty similar, and then told me to run with Sonja and John. The workout was 4x(400,600,200) with 200 recoveries in the set and a 400 between the sets. The three of us talked before group 1 went off and decided that we would run around 45 seconds for our 200 pace. The first set was wicked fast and I let them go a few feet by the end of the set. Steve told us to pick up the pace on the back of the 600 so we ran it the first time in a 2:15. That is the fastest I have ever run the first set in a workout and I had to put my head down to get it done. Three more to go and each set we dropped the time down by a few seconds. On the last 600 we ran it in 2:10, which is the fastest workout I have run ever. I was able to have some for the last 200 but John took all the marbles. It was really fun to run in a pack of runners that are really good. Sonja and John have a running background and are really smooth and made me feel comfortable. I am very happy with this track workout and hope that the summer continues to go well. I am getting more comfortable with my run flats that are blazing red and really like the feeling.
Tomorrow we will head to the "Epic Ride" at 7am. 10,000+ feet of climbing and 80 miles in distance. After 6 hours I will let you know how I am feeling. Tell then train great and make it happen.
Reality check. Last year this time I was not able to run a sub :50 200 pace for more than a little bit. BOOOO YAAAAA

Love you ANNE,


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  1. Tyler,
    You really had a great workout on Tuesday! I know there is more in you, and I think you are just starting to tap into your strengths. You are an extremely strong runner and although John and I have more of a background, you really hold your own out on the track. Did you know your last 200 was a 34? I looked at my watch when you went over the line.

    Keep it up and you are gonna rock the house!