Friday, June 20, 2008

Let the good times roll "Lake to Lake Triathlon"

Thursday morning I made it to Masters a little late and so I looked around for Jenna and was sad that I did not see her. She is one of the REALLY fast swimmers in the glorious lane 1 and when I did not see her I was a little disappointed, she is like morning Coffee. The workout was great, Susan gave us a really fun main set, it was 3x200 descending 6x100 first 25 fast the 75 slow, on the even numbed 100's and the opposite on the odd ones. Then to finish we did 3x200 steady. I really like swimming outside with a few people in the lane keeping me honest to my pace and times. It even started to rain and that was enough to get my day started in the right direction. In fact, it rained so hard they closed down the outside pool and we had to finish in the indoor pool and that is where I saw Jenna. She was just finishing a easy workout since she is racing in PA this weekend and we meet in the hot tub. She asked if Anne would be interested in doing the Run portion of the Lake to Lake Triathlon with her and Michelle. I said I would ask and get back to her.
When I came home she was in a hurry and I was not able to talk to her until Thursday night, on the way to swim lessons with Steve. She got all excited and asked if we could work it out with the kids because that sounds really fun. By the end of the night she had a babysitter lined up to sleep over and watch the kids so we could "RUN" off and let the good times roll at Lake to Lake. I will be racing with my wife. I am so excited that I might see her on the run course. I think that it would be totally awesome to see my wife laying it down at the same time as I am. How cool would that be. BOOOO YAAAAAA.
Needless to say I am very pumped for Lake to Lake and I think this might be the best race so far. Al least with Anne it will be the most fun.....

Love you Anne,


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