Friday, June 13, 2008

Black tank top and leopard paints

Anne has the camera so I will paint a picture with my words. YA RIGHT

I was able to get Lexi out of bed this morning after doing one of my best run workouts. It was 6 miles run at Tempo and I was able to run it in 48:40. On flat ground that would be good for me but I decided to go with the single track, climb 2 miles route today and so I was in a great mood when I came home. Best tempo workout this season.

I digress sorry:

Lexi was awake and I went to get her because Anne was running around late with the boys. She needed to have her clothes changed so I found a black tank top and leopard paints. I put them on and she danced around and strutted. Now if you have not seen the Lexi strut she puts her belly way out, elbows back and high steps like a real man strut. She is a doll and looks pretty. Her hair is getting longer and longer and the curl at the bottom is staying. I am not sure when Anne will cut her hair, I hope not any time soon.

I am going to get myself a camera so I can add my own Pictures.

Nicole, your trip to Myrtle beach looks like it was a blast. I hope everyone had fun, and that Dawn and Jessica was able to get everyone excited to do the Triathlon in Vegas late this summer. Are you and Boon in? Say yes pleasessssssssssss.

Have a good Friday,

Love you Anne,


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  1. I think she learned the strut from you because the description sounds oddly familiar?

    Santa was struttin' today!