Sunday, June 15, 2008

Fathers Day in Boulder and a BBQ

This Fathers day Friends from Practical Coaching decided to volunteer at the 5430 Sprint Triathlon in Boulder Colorado while others were racing. We felt that we needed a theme and so I suggested I would wear my family Santa Suite and we could do Christmas in June. We had a pizza party to decorate additional clothing on Friday and was ready to man the best aid station know to man.

The alarm went off at 5am and we joined Andrea and Christopher and headed up to Boulder. We arrived and I put on the suit and headed into transition to bring good race cheer until I was kicked out because I was not racing. We then headed off to get our aid station on the run course ready. We had a total of 14 show up to help and even some of the racers came by after finishing and helped pass out H2o and Gatorade to racers still on the course. Jackson was the only kid helping us and he was a champ. He helped pass out Hammer Gel and Water the whole time and did not complain at all. I was very proud of my son for coming with me and staying from 7:30am to 11am passing out aid to the racers. He is such a great kid, and I will remember this Fathers day for awhile because of him being such a good sport.

I was dressed like Santa in shorts and no real belly. Jackson and I were the first people racers would see and we yelled for 3 hours straight. We yelled the loudest when we saw friends and fellow athletes come though doing a great job. I was very impressed to see Sonja taking it lighter than normal, Michelle focused and kicking some butt. Beth came though with a huge smile, along with John, and Berry. Sara looked good and was all smiles also. I was very impressed with the amount of racers that gave positive comments as they came though the aid station. And believe it or not we only had 2 grumpy racers that made some off line comment. Funny thing is I am pretty sure they were no where near the front, except for the grumpy racer award. I really enjoyed the opportunity to help and give back and when I asked Jackson what he like best he said "having people rip the Gel's out of my hand". Long story short I loved being able to give back and see a race from a different perspective. I love this sport and the friends I have made.

Anne is allowing me to have the day off and just sit on the couch and watch Golf. What a great Fathers day. Jamie and Denise are coming over for dinner and we will have a good night. I have loved this fathers day and hope all the fathers with in the reach of the blog has had a good on too.

Dad, I love you and appreciate all that you taught me going up. I love that I can teach my kids what I learned from you and hope you know that your willingness to give is being passed down from me to my son. I miss you and hope that you are feeling good about your service in Lebanon. We miss you and mom and hope for safe times. I am glad to hear of your successes with the charities and I am glad that your projects are being accepted. I miss you and look forward to a safe return.

I love you Anne,


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  1. Happy Fathers Day Tyler! You really rocked the house today!