Monday, June 9, 2008

Race weekend at Home

This weekend was one where my mind was with those that were racing at the totally awesome Escape from Alcatraz Tri, and my Ohio Friends doing their first 70.3. I hoped that they were ready to go out strong and race well. As I write this I have only spoken to Eric and I am sad that he DNF'd. Congrats to Clint on finishing his first half with the winds and heat good job. To the San Fran group you all rock. I had fun reading what Sonja said this morning and was able to kind of put myself with them at the race. I still cant get over the pic that her Dad shot. He has such a good eye, I want him to be at every race.


I am glad to say that I did not get any type of ticket this weekend at the pond, but we did get a good strong talking to by the State Park Ranger for appearing that we were swimming past our permitted time. She was such a doll, I just love the Rangers at Chatfield this year.

5 islands and back, slow out fast back.

First on my own, water felt much warmer than last weekend and it felt good. CWW as swimming and had a huge orange booye for siting.
Second I was able to see Barry, Beth, John, Michelle and played around for just a second.
Third fast as a bird
Forth just the same
Fifth felt good, keep pacing strong and had a good time in the water.

Pond loop with John, Beth, Barry
Slow out fast back(John took off at the turn at a 6:00/mile pace and I tried to hang. DUH) Slowed after the first half mile and took the rest a little slower and felt really good.


Buzz Buzz, Text asked if it was raining from Beth. I looked outside and sent back "no lets go". Barry, John and Beth all were waiting at 7:30am when I arrived at Deer Creek and so was the rain. It was just a drizzle and no one was wanting to call the ride. Finally the downpour started and we still debated the ride and settled on Panera and a 1 hour delay. It was a good idea because it was good weather and we were able to get a City View ride in. Barry took off at the start and John and Beth went along, I stayed at a lower pace and fell back. At the turn off John went up Deer Creek so it was just Barry, Beth and I. We decided to ride alone and since Beth had a time trial ride she took off. I set a pace that was faster than normal and decided that I wanted to catch Beth by the top. Barry was with me until the switchbacks and then the 3 of us were all by ourselves. I put my fast mix on and started to push to catch Beth. It was not until the top of the switchback that I was even able to see her. She was blazing a fast trial and I had my work cut out to catch her. A few miles to the top we were hit with a head wind and I was able to get up to her by the last mile on High Grade. We did a TT up the rest of High Grade and had fun. City View was hard but I still had legs unlike last week where my legs were jello by the time I hit CV with Steve. We pushed each other up to the top and then Beth had the great idea of going back and getting Barry. To the bottom we went and then we saw Barry flying down a hill and started the climb back up. So City View twice..Booo Yaaa. To add to the crazy mind day Beth said we needed to do Deer Creek in the big ring.

Good day, Fun weekend, Fun friends.

Date night on Saturday was most excellent with Anne, We did Shadow Mtn in the car and ate at the Bed and Breakfast at the bottom of Shadow Mtn. Fun place, good good food called Brook Forest Inn.

Anyways time to get back to work,

Tell next time,

I love you Anne

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